Explorations of Material Properties.

SEAMS and SURFACES is an exhibition of work by students and faculty from the Tyler School of Art. Developed by architects and artists, the work is varied in terms of material choices, processes, and frameworks, yet the collection shares a common interest in the investigation of material properties. The work uses the qualities of a material [or a combination of many materials] as a starting point for production and as a mode of inquiry for experimentation, exploration, and expression. Curated by Rashida Ng and Sneha Patel, the exhibition displays the characteristics of the materials with which we design, revealing the sensory and tactile qualities of both surfaces and their connections, or seams. The work suggests that by conceptualizing a creative inquiry through the framework of materiality, architects and artists can begin to exploit the traditional qualities of a material through various processes, ultimately reconsidering the ways in which materials define both our physical spaces and our cultural identities. SEAMS and SURFACES highlights material investigations as integral to the education of the designer and the artist.

In collaboration with Sneha Patel.

Acknowledgements: SEAMS and SURFACES was supported by a grant from the Architectural Research Centers Consortium, ARCC.