The Future of Emerging Materials.

Conceived as a demonstration project for the future potential of emerging materials to creatively respond to the environmental challenges of the future, the fabric roof structure of Firefly emits a passive glow at night through its use of a pattern of screen printed photoluminescent pigments. By day, the same pattern will provide solar shading from the midday sun. Photoluminescent materials produce light through the slow re-radiation of luminous energy that is absorbed during the day. Similar to the bioluminescence of fireflies, photoluminescent materials provide an energy- efficient cool source of light without the use of an external source of energy. Ongoing research suggests great potential for its use in sustainable architectural applications in the future.

In collaboration with Nami Yamamoto, Max Lent, and Gregory Charnock.

Acknowledgements: Firefly was built through the Gimme Shelter Competition, which was sponsored by the William Penn Foundation, with additional funding from The Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation.  Additionally, Firefly was built with the generous support of the following additional sponsors: CRNG LLC accountancy firm, Cubic Tech Corporation, Fairmount Park Commission, Friends of the Wissahickon, Manayunk Lumber, Edward and Helen Mosee, Rivera Structural, and John and Naomi Street.